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Have you ever been to Liverpool? It is the home to some of the best restaurants in the world. That means vegan food is on the way. Vegetarian food becomes a favorite when it replaces the chips or vegetables with tasty paneer and vegan recipes, which can tempt your non-vegan friends. The popular Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool make it easier to provide the best food across the country.

If the tasty food wasn’t the reason, then eating vegan food a couple of times might have already impacted the environment. Even the national food strategy recommends reducing meat intake by 30% to help solve the climatic change.

Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool

During my visit to Liverpool, I spoke to some local and good vegan-friendly restaurants in Liverpool to help my readers decide to eat the best vegan food on their visit.

7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Liverpool

As mentioned earlier, I have been to this place and spoke to some locals, and found the best vegan restaurants in Liverpool. It does not matter if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or enjoy good food in restaurants. Vegan restaurants have something for everyone.


There is no difference between Vegetarian and Vegan food. Sanskruti is the best vegan restaurant I have found in this place while moving around. It is located on Bixteth Street and offers the best Indian cuisine.


Luckily, I have found an excellent vegan menu to choose from the variety of Indian Thalis, Food, and the street foods, including the vegan burgers.

Veganism is not always about bland food. You will experience this when you dine in this vegan restaurant. – Says Staff.

Many meat eaters come along in this restaurant and become our regular customers. – Says Staff.

The dish I loved the most and for what this restaurant is famous for is Kathal Lazeez. However, you can explore their full menu at their website.


The locals prefer visiting Bakchich, Bold Street as it is known for a little piece of Lebanon in their country.


It comes under the best restaurants in Liverpool that serve the best street food items on their amazing vegan menu, including shawarma, falafel, and baklava.

Bakchich is located on bold street, and it is trendy, probably value for money. That is why it is famous in the town. – Says Local.

I have been to this place and tried their favorite dish, Vegetarian Mezze with Hommos.

Next time you visit bold street, do not forget to bookmark this planet vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

However, you can explore what else they offer on their website.

Indigo Greens

Healthy people, here we arrive. Indigo Greens on Queens Drive is a plant-based vegan restaurant in Liverpool. Vegetarian and Vegan, no difference at all.

Indigo Greens

You will find raw vegan options, plant based burgers, and gluten free food in this place.

I was honored that Indigo Greens won the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in 2019 VegfestUK Award.

The vegans from all across the country prefer visiting this place, as they can find the best raw vegan options and plant based eatery items in a single place.

Overall, all the healthy dishes at one place. – Says, Locals.

Even the non-vegan people love this place as they find their favorite meat free substitutes to eat without having a feeling of getting bloated. – Says Staff.

I tried their sandwich of the day, and it was value for the money.

However, you can explore their full menu at their website.

Caribou Poutine

Are you visiting Slater Street in the town? Do not forget to visit Caribou Poutine, one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Liverpool.

Caribou Poutine

Micheal & Laze – The owners of this restaurant offer the traditional mouth-watering Canadian dish, which is what this place is famous for.

Do you know the best part about vegan and vegetarian food? It can be delicious and creative. – Added, owners.

Vegetarians Poutine is delicious and something new for everyone who visits this place to enjoy the delicious food for the first time. – Added, owners.

Their top-selling item is salt and pepper poutine, including loaded fries, their signature cheese gravy, and most importantly, the vegan brunch cheese to make it one of the best street food options.

You can explore their complete menu at their website.

Meatless Liverpool

There are a lot of restaurants I have been to during my stay in Liverpool, and another one I have found worth adding up to my list is Meatless Liverpool, situated on Smithdown Road.

Meatless Liverpool

I must say, Meatless Liverpool is the best restaurant for healthy people who loves to eat plant-based food or vegan burger as part of their diet.

The primary motive of our restaurant is to promote healthy food options and provide on-the-go healthy street foods. – Speaks restaurant.

You will not get tired of finding out the best vegan options, as there are multiple recipes yet to explore.

Meatless Liverpool has something best for their visitors. Their most selling dish is the Chickpea Budha Bowl which contains all the plant-based items that you will love to eat.

Have a look at their complete and separate vegan menu on their website.

The Old Hardware Shop

If you plan a short trip to Woolton Village, this place is worth the money.

The Old Hardware Shop

The Old Hardware shop opened in 2014 and served its customers the best mouth-watering breakfasts, toasties, milkshakes, and cakes. – No doubt, a 100% vegan restaurant in Liverpool.

I have been in talks with locals, and they said Liverpool is soon to become the best place for vegans to enjoy the healthy and delicious food in the country. – Speaks locals.

Even the restaurant owner speaks, it is not only the vegans, but the people who prefer eating meat regularly come to this place and enjoy the environment and surroundings.

You will love to drink their vegan-style milkshake at their outlet.

Do not forget to bookmark this place when you come to Liverpool.

Check out their complete menu on their website.

Outpost Liverpool

Outpost – A dog friendly restaurant in Liverpool. This live music venue serves the best pizza and is situated on Renshaw Street.

Outpost Liverpool

The best pizza outlet in the town serves a beer and a live music environment at the restaurant.

Their every pizza is delicious, and mostly, people love it. – Speaks owner.

I only tried their most-selling option when I was there – vegan fajita pizza. I just loved eating it in a while, yet enjoyed the live music.

Find out what’s next on their menu on their website.

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It seems you just loved my experience at the Vegan Restaurants Liverpool.

If you are a vegan or are simply interested in trying out some delicious plant-based food, these seven Liverpool vegan restaurants are worth checking out!

There is something for everyone to enjoy, from traditional Canadian poutine to healthy buddha bowls.

So next time you find yourself in Liverpool, make sure to swing by one (or all!) of these fantastic vegan eateries.

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