Is Uber Available in Italy or Does Italy Have Uber? (Complete Guide)

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Have you ever been in a foreign country, slightly lost, and needed to get somewhere quickly? You probably whip out your phone and open up Uber. But what about when you’re in Italy? Is Uber available there?

What’s the story with ride-sharing apps in the land of pasta and pizza? This post will guide you to using Uber (or other ride-sharing apps) in Italy.

Does Italy have uber

We’ll tell you if it’s available, how to use it, and any other need-to-know information for getting around Rome, Florence, or anywhere else in the boot-shaped country.

What is Uber, and how does it work

Uber has revolutionized the way we travel. This ride-sharing service uses an app that makes it easier to catch a ride. All you need to do is open the app, enter your pickup and drop-off locations, specify the type of car you would like, and make payment for your trip.

Uber App in Italy
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An Uber driver will be assigned to you shortly after, and you will receive updates about the driver’s progress until they arrive at your location. With Uber, pay through the app or directly to the driver with cash (depending on the country).

It’s quick, convenient, and reliable – so you can get to your destination quickly.

Is Uber available in Italy?

Italy is a beautiful country with some of Europe’s most picturesque landscapes and delicious cuisines. Still, with its winding, narrow roads and renowned traffic conditions, navigating by car in Italy can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, for visitors on vacation or business trips, Uber is here to help! Yes – Uber is available in Italy, so you don’t need to worry about those pesky cab fares or getting lost trying to find your destination.

With Uber, you easily book and pay for rides straight from your mobile device anywhere in Italy, ensuring that you always arrive at your destination quickly and safely.

So don’t delay – open up the Uber app now and get moving across Italy without having to wander around unfamiliar roads.

Do I Need Uber to Get Around Italy?

When visiting Italy, many people wonder if they need to turn to Uber to get around. The answer is generally no; Italy offers a wide variety of options when it comes to transportation! From traditional taxis to bus networks and trains, these methods provide flexibility and convenience for travelers in the area.

There is no need to worry about relying on one-dimensional transportation when arriving in Italy – the options are plentiful. Those unfamiliar with the terrain can easily find their way around using useful public transportation.

So why bother getting an Uber? The experiences you can have while using public transportation in Italy will be much more eye-opening than taking a ride with a private shared service. Knowing this, you’ll want to explore all the possibilities traveling through Italy offers.

In Which Cities is Uber Unavailable?

The popular ride-sharing app, Uber, is unavailable in many cities throughout Italy. The city of Rome opted to ban the usage of Uber within its boundaries due to its ambiguous legal situation.

Governments around the country have adopted similar laws and thus halted using this service in most major cities, including Milan, Turin, Naples, Palermo, and Florence.

The government of Italy has imposed very strict regulations on ride-sharing services like Uber that make it difficult to stay within the law when operating.

Despite other companies coming onto the Market in different parts of Italy, areas in varying stages of technological development will continue to struggle with accessible transport services for quite some time.

Italy Transportation System

Traveling around Italy is a breeze thanks to its extensive and efficient transportation system. With one of the densest networks in Europe, you can take advantage of high-speed regional trains, local buses, and city metros at economical rates.

If you’re up for an adventure, the country boasts carpooling services and ferries that give travelers gorgeous scenic views while connecting them from island to island.


Italy operates an extensive ferry transportation system that can take people to numerous destinations along its coastline. From the islands of Sicily and Sardinia to Naples and Milan, the ferry system is an efficient and cost-effective way to explore this mesmerizing country.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

You can have a broad range of options regarding modes of transport, accommodations, and ticket prices.

Additionally, you can enjoy stunning views on the ride as they cruise through astonishing coastlines graced by vast stretches of colorful, sun-soaked beaches.


Italy’s unique train system is a fantastic way to travel between cities and get an up-close look at the stunning Italian countryside.

Rail Transport in Italy
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The train network covers the entire country, including over 13 thousand kilometers of track that serves 1000+ stations.

While traveling by train in Italy may be slower than other means of transportation, it allows passengers to enjoy the magnificence of Luca’s rolling hills, iconic olive groves, and the Apennine Mountains.

Accessing long-distance journeys are made through international rail passes or ticket bookings purchased via the website Trenitalia.


Travelers worldwide can also use a convenient public transit system with frequent and reliable buses. You can use a ticket purchased from newsstands or bus stops or a rechargeable card to quickly and comfortably travel the country.

Public bus in Milan, Italy
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Gone are the days of relying solely on buses and trains in Italy; the country now boasts a rapidly-expanding network of trams to bolster its public transportation system.

Tram in Milan, Italy
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whether in Rome, Florence, or Turin, trams are an increasingly popular option – they provide a convenient and affordable way to navigate cities without driving.

Plus, they offer an immersive experience that allows riders to take in local scenery while riding. Because they cover much larger distances than buses, trams allow tourists more chances to explore various neighborhoods along their route.

Italy’s trams are comfortable and reliable, carrying millions of passengers daily – making them one of the country’s most successful transportation initiatives.


Exploring Italy is something that people from all around the world have longed to do. Thanks to its efficient public transportation system, it’s easier than ever. Traveling in Italy by metro is an incredible experience; each station has a unique and vibrant design, giving passengers a sense of local culture.

Inside Rome Metro
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It is convenient and comfortable and provides access to some of the most beautiful parts of the country. The metro system in Italy is reliable, safe, and cost-effective – plus, they frequently run, so you don’t have to worry if you miss a train.


While Italy does boast a comprehensive and efficient public transportation system, those looking for a unique way to explore the country’s vibrant cities and stunning landscapes may consider getting around via taxi.

Many reliable companies and taxi apps offer good rates and safe service, allowing tourists to embrace the freedom of riding in timeless Italian style. The Taxi drivers in Italy are humble, and apart from that, people can use uber service to catch a taxi in Italian Market.

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Which is Better, Taxi, Public Transportation, or Uber in Italy?

Deciding which mode of transportation is best for navigating Italy can take time and effort. Although taxi services and public transportation are both popular choices, the majority of travelers and locals alike choose Uber.

This choice makes sense because Uber offers reliable and affordable rides throughout Italy and has become a go-to source for getting around efficiently in major cities such as Rome or Milan.

In addition, Uber provides a variety of service classes, such as economy to premium, so passengers can find the perfect ride to fit their needs. Considering its convenience, value, and reliability, it’s no surprise that Uber is the number one way to get around in Italy.

Is Uber Safe in Italy?

Is Uber safe to use in Italy? Uber has recently seen a massive increase in popularity, with many travelers worldwide hopping on board due to its convenience.

While there may be mixed opinions surrounding its safety, Uber is generally considered a reliable form of transportation throughout most of Italy.

With more and more riders each year, the company has taken all necessary steps to ensure its passengers reach their destinations safely.

From automatically verifying drivers to performing background checks and face-to-face interviews, you can rest assured that your journey in Italy will be smooth and secure when using Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Regular Uber Operate in Rome?

No, regular Uber does not operate in Rome. However, alternative ride-hailing services such as FREE NOW and Taxify provide similar services in the city. Additionally, local taxi services are available to take passengers around Rome and in most italian cities.

Is there Lyft in Rome?

No, there is no Lyft service in Rome. However, there are various other transportation options, such as taxi services, public buses, and car-hailing services like Uber. Tourists can also rent cars from local rental companies to explore the city and its surrounding areas.

How to Check Uber Prices Before Hiring a Cab?

The best way to check Uber prices before hiring a cab is to use the Uber app. The app will show you estimated fares for your journey and provide information about discounts available for certain trips. You can also use online fare estimators to estimate the cost of your journey with Uber.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Rome?

The cost of taking an Uber in Rome depends on several factors, such as the distance traveled, the size and type of car you select, and whether or not there are any promotions in your area. Generally speaking, a ride within the city center could cost between €7-10 depending on how long your trip is.

How Much Does Uber Charge Per KM in Italy?

In Italian City, Uber typically charges a minimum €1.20 per kilometer of travel plus €0.10 per minute spent in the car. There may also be additional costs, such as booking and cancellation fees, or added services like extra luggage space or professional drivers that could increase the price. The exact fare will depend on your journey.

How to Get Fare Estimate with Uber App?

To get a fare estimate using the Uber app, open the app and click “Where to?” Enter your destination address. The booking fee will appear below the destination field as you type it in. You can also select different car options (e.g., UberX or UberXL) to see their respective fares in this taxi app.

Can I Hire an Uber Ride from the Airport?

Yes, you can hire an Uber ride from the airport in Italy. Many airports in Italy offer this service, and it is a convenient and affordable way to get around the city. You can download the app on your mobile device and book a ride with Uber directly from the airport.

Does Uber Run During Snowfall in Italy?

No, Uber does not run during snowfall in Italy. To ensure the safety of its drivers and passengers, it suspends services during bad weather conditions such as snow. You can check the availability of Uber in the Italian Cities by visiting their website or app.

Do Uber Drivers in Italy Speak English?

No, Uber Italian Taxi drivers in Italy typically do not speak English. However, some may understand basic English words and phrases. It is recommended to learn a few key Italian phrases before using the service so that communication can be more successful with the Taxi driver. Additionally, it is always helpful to have a translation app handy.

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