10 Best Things To Do in Penrith (Australia)

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Penrith is a beautiful town in Australia that offers plenty of things to do for travelers. From exploring the local shops and cafes to taking in the stunning scenery. If you’re looking for an unforgettable getaway that combines the culture and setting of rural Australia with plenty of modern-day excitement, a visit to Penrith is a perfect choice.

Located between Sydney and Canberra in New South Wales, this picturesque town has something to offer everyone. This stunning location holds many captivating attractions that are perfect for travelers searching for fun and excitement.

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For your convenience, we’ve compiled the 10 best things to do in Penrith. From leisurely boat cruises along the pristine Nepean River to stunning landscapes, this list covers all the must-do activities guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable.

10 Things To Do in Penrith (Australia)

Nepean River

Exploring the wonders of the Nepean River is an incredible experience. With its widespread marshes, distinct wetlands, and open water areas, the river is alive with wildlife and natural beauty.

Nepean River, Penrith | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Take a trip to see the amazing plant life along its banks as you leisurely canoe down its winding path.

Go bird-watching as you cruise across its still waters, or take up fishing for some of Australia’s iconic species in the Nepean.

Spend endless hours walking through its meandering streams, discovering hidden sandy coves – it always remains the same.

It is an excellent destination for people who want to connect with nature. Visitors will be able to partake in various activities, such as bushwalking or picnicking along the banks of the river. In addition, the bridge connecting the two sides of Penrith provides an exciting photo opportunity.

Penrith Museum (Museum of Printing)

Visiting the Penrith Museums is a one-of-a-kind experience! Home to an incredible collection of printing artifacts, the museum provides an enjoyable educational opportunity for anyone interested in discovering the fascinating history of this craft.

Penrith Museum (Museum of Printing) lOGO
Penrith Museum (Museum of Printing) | Source: Wikimedia Commons

From antique-type cases and vintage printing presses to ephemera, magazines, books, and photographs, sampling the rich archive will give you a unique insight into this historical art form.

visit to the museum can be tailored to any age and interest level, so don’t hesitate to book your ticket today and discover why Penrith Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Western Sydney.

Zambi Wildlife Retreat

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore Zambi’s stunning and eclectic wildlife, consider visiting the Zambi Wildlife Retreat. This place is a fantastic opportunity to connect with nature and observe some of the rarest creatures on earth.

You’ll be welcomed by knowledgeable guides who will help you uncover secrets about the region, and you can trek through pristine forests and spot exotic animals in their natural habitat.

And when you’re ready for a break from adventuring, you can relax at the retreat’s cozy lodge, where plenty of amenities are available to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

So come discover the magic and beauty Zambi Wildlife Retreat offers – it will be an unforgettable experience.

Westfield Penrith

If you’re looking for the ultimate Penrith shopping experience, Westfield Penrith can’t be beaten! Proudly proclaiming itself as the largest shopping center in Australia and New Zealand, this extraordinary mall is home to an impressive variety of high-end stores, department stores, and countless cafes and eateries.

Westfield Penrith
Westfield Penrith | Source: Wikimedia Commons

The conveniently located entertainment complex also offers a cinema complex, bowling alley, laser tag arena, and much more.

If that’s not enough to take your breath away, enjoy concerts, movie launches, and other special events at Westfield Penrith throughout the year.

Make sure your next visit to the area includes a stop at this amazing destination.

Penrith Whitewater Stadium

There are no doubts. It is an amazing experience to visit Penrith Whitewater Stadium. It is perfect for anyone looking to get their adrenaline pumping. There are three different courses you can choose from depending on your skill level.

You can practice your technique at the beginner’s course, learning how to traverse the rapids with ease.

For experienced whitewater thrill-seekers, there is an intermediate course with even more challenging obstacles.

And for those serious about whitewater sport, the advanced course offers everything from class III and IV rapids to a triple drop! So no matter your goal – whether it’s going on a leisurely adventure or honing in on professional maneuvers – the Penrith Whitewater Stadium will catch your excitement.

The Rock Lookout

Get ready to explore a breathtaking view of the scenery below as you ascend to the summit. It’s like being in another world as the vista expands before you. Take some snacks and make an afternoon out of it- with plenty of photo ops and hiking trails, it’s easy to while away the hours here.

Relax in nature while still having all the amenities you need to be comfortable- there’s something truly special about The Rock Lookout that will have you returning.

Visiting this place should add to your list of the best things to do in Penrith.

Museum of Fire

Visiting the Museum of Fire is an amazing experience you will remember. Run by passionate advocates who seek to honor the history and educate visitors on fire safety, this unique museum has a variety of interactive activities that will captivate both adults and children alike.

A Fire Truck in Museum of Fire in Penrith
A Fire Truck in Museum of Fire in Penrith | Source: Wikimedia Commons

From exploring ancient firefighting techniques and tools to learning how human behavior impacts firefighters in their daily operations – the Museum of Fire is home to some incredible insights into the fire and its place in our world.

Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural & Education Centre

Muru Mittigar Aboriginal Cultural & Education Centre, located in Sydney’s Western Parklands, is an excellent and informative way to learn about Indigenous Australian culture.

Visitors can enjoy various interactive activities while exploring their unique Dreaming Story artwork.

Highlights include guided one-hour tours of Muru Mittigar’s various features, hands-on activity workshops, bush tucker talks, dot painting tutorials, and chats with traditional local owners. It is sure to be a fun yet educational adventure for everyone.

Visit Blue Mountains National Park

There’s nothing like the fresh air of the Blue Mountains National Park! Breathe deep and recenter your life for a few hours. Whether you take a stroll or get your heart rate up with a bike ride, this is the ideal way to spend some time outdoors.

Blue Mountains National Park
Blue Mountains National Park | Source: Wikimedia Commons

What’s more, take advantage of the breathtaking views; you’ll be able to spot all manner of local wildlife amongst lush landscapes and spectacular scenes of canyon walls and valleys.

Put on your walking shoes or hop on your bike and discover what this beautiful national park offers.

Panthers World of Entertainment

Panthers World of Entertainment offers a complete entertainment experience for the whole family! You can jump in the trampoline park every week and soar over the colorful landscapes or shoot some hoops at the basketball court.

Unleash your competitive spirit on our state-of-the-art go karts track, where you’re sure to have a great time out-speeding your friends.

For younger kids, our toddler zone is a fun place to learn and explore, with plenty of activities for them to enjoy.

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The Bottom Line

Penrith is a well-rounded destination for tourists of all stripes. Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or do some shopping, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

And with so many things to do in this city, you’ll always be energized while visiting Penrith.

To be quick, I have added 10 things to do in Penrith. It is something that anyone can enjoy in this city.

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