5 Theme, Water & Amusement Parks in Hawaii

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Hawaii is the world’s best popular and beloved tourist destination. Tourism reigns supreme and is at its peak on these islands, and the visitors go on a three-round a year to explore the spirit of aloha. But most people would be teeming Hawaii with theme parks and amusement parks. People are often surprised to visit this place and discover a fewer theme and water parks in Hawaii.

You can ride on plenty of waves, but on the different side, if you want to ride a rollercoaster, unfortunately, you are out of luck. Although, people can find some elements of theme and amusement parks in Hawaii. They can visit Mickey Mouse on the tropical island, Disney Aulani Resort, to experience some theme and water park elements. Although, there are no major theme parks on any of the islands.

Theme, Water & Amusement Parks in Hawaii

Let’s run down deep to find some water parks in Hawaii and park-like places to make your trip more enjoyable.

5 Theme, Water & Amusement Parks in Hawaii

You will love to find out that all of the theme parks and amusement parks in Hawaii are located on Oahu Island.

Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

It would be best if you did not come to this place expecting anything of the fairytale place or a lot of castle rides and overview. Aulani, a Disney resort & spa, is not a theme park; neither does it have any of the Disney signature rides. We can recall a wonderful luxurious resort present in the superior vacation location in Ko Olena. This property is far from the bustle of Waikiki & Honolulu.

Disney Aulani Resort & Spa
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However, a perfect place for people looking for a beautiful, luxurious, and high-end hotel that only Disney could have crafted. Aulani is the one for you. It has everything that any of the island’s top resorts or hotels would offer to you.

  • Incredible ocean view.
  • A lovely beach.
  • Posh rooms.
  • Exquisite dining

Alongside Disney flair and design to accommodate you. Among everything, Disney-eques touches have an excellent collection of water parks. A supervised kid’s house is located inside the resort and included in the tariff of your room. Moreover, a mickey gang characterized meal is something kids love the most.

You will find half of the resort is devoted to Disney Vacation Club. The rest of this resort consists of hotel rooms and suites. However, people can book luxury DVC Villas when they are not booked.

Wet N Wild Water Park Hawaii

Wet N Wild – A perfect family attraction. Hawaii’s only major water park has excellent attractions and pool rides, alongside a nicely themed river, lazy river, and mat-racing slides. Moreover, Wet N Wild water park is a particular zone for the kids to enjoy.

Wet N Wild Water Park Hawaii
Source: WikiMedia

Hawaii is the world’s first surfing headquarters, but still, you can try your hands on the Da Flow rider that challenges surfing riders on boogie boards to tackle artificial sea waves. Wet N Wild also offers a mini-golf course and a cafe that makes it one of the best water parks in Hawaii.

After the sunset, Wet N Wild offers Luau to the tourists.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian cultural center is not a theme park, but its pavilion represents the pacific islands. The echoes of Epcot do not make it less than a popular theme park in Hawaii. It is one of the famous attractions of Hawaii. It attracts many people worldwide to enjoy and experience the different traditions and cultures of Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa & New Zealand.

Polynesian Cultural Centre
Source: WikiMedia

The native people in the Polynesian cultural center precisely participate in local interactions and the activities that include:

  • Music.
  • Dance.
  • Craft.
  • Food.
  • Other Activities at the Polynesian cultural center.

Moreover, people also share the history and culture of their islands, which includes amusement parks, theme parks, Hawaiian culture, and other essential information in the Polynesian cultural center. Among the attractions, there is a film named “Hawaiian Journey.” – a center highlight displayed on a bigger IMAX screen.

People can also experience the boat rides near the park, enjoy the local restaurant’s food, and shop alongside the Polynesian Football hall. The saints of Jesus Christ operate this attraction alongside a nearby Brigham young university.

The Polynesian cultural center offers Chief’s Luau, including a meal and various shows like Hula Dance & fire knife spinning in the evening. To be noted, no hard beverages are provided to the people. Again, it does not come under the amusement parks but is a worth visiting place for the tourists.

Sea Life Park – Waimanalo, Oahu

Sea Life Park Hawaii is not a water park, and like the PCC is a theme park without any rides or activities, Sea Life Park is just an attraction without any rides. It sounds more like a museum but can be a great alternative to the water amusement parks. Its admission ticket includes the exhibition of sea lions, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles & penguins.

Dolphins in Sea Life Park Hawaii
Source: WikiMedia

Although, a hand-to-hand touch pool is there to feel the animals and get to play with them. You can also experience other activities in Sea Life Park Hawaii, such as:

  1. Swimming with Dolphins & Sea Lions.
  2. Scuba Diving with Sharks.
  3. Lei Making & Hula lessons.

Aloha Park/Waikiki Park

A perfect Aloha spirit, Aloha Park was known as Waikiki park in the Hawaiian islands. It is one of the best Hawaii Amusement parks, opened in 1922 and closed in 1930. There was a time when a rollercoaster ride was nothing in this region. Aloha Park features Big Dipper & wooden roller coaster rides.

However, the guests and tourists can still visit this place to spend some time on this place and get a life-changing experience. A trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, is nothing without experiencing the amusement parks in Oahu.

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The bottom line

Looking deeper into searching amusement parks & water slides in Oahu Islands is like finding a diamond on the road. Although Oahu is one of the best family destinations to plan a trip to, the attractions here will make you love this location. You can search, explore and visit the Wild Hawaii amusement park & experience the best of your time on Polynesian islands.

Although there are not many activities to do in such places, swimming with dolphins is something I like. Some sites are free to enter, and some cost money to get the admission ticket.

I hope this post is enough to explain the fun & family trip to the Hawaiian islands.

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